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  • The Top 10 Cutest Superhero Costumes for Kids

    These superhero costumes for kids aren't only heroic - they're super adorable. Save this list for your next photo shoot - or for making your tot feel special.
    Kids Superhero Costumes

    Do you have a little Superman or Wonder Woman running around in your house? Superhero costumes for kids can really up the ante of letting them live the part!

    In their imaginations, they're fighting the bad guys and saving the world one heroic battle at a time.

    And to them, that towel they tied onto their shirt really is a cape that makes them invisible to the bad guys.

    If your kid is into superheroes as much as they love being one at home, why not help them look like the real thing?

    Kids Costume Shop is here to supply the children of Australia with the best superhero costumes that will blow them away with excitement when they unwrap it for the holidays or on their birthday!

    Keeping up with what your little one loves isn't the easiest job at times and we love helping out by filling our blog with great ideas you can keep in mind.

    That's why we've put together the cutest (and coolest!) superhero costumes for kids that will go down in history in the family photo albums.

    The Top 10 superhero costumes for kids that your little one will love

    When your kid gets into the zone of loving superheroes, there's no going back. They're empowered and full of imagination and energy to take on the world.

    Here are Kids Costume Shop's favourite superhero costumes for kids that won't disappoint.

    Wonder Woman

    This costume is sure to be a hit for any little girl that loves being independent and showing the man who's boss!

    A Wonder Woman costume really showcases the cute-factor of a fierce lady willing to fight for what's right no matter what happens.

    Since Wonder Woman reappeared in a hit movie in 2016 and will star in Wonder in 2017, there's no better time to grab a Wonder Woman costume for your little lady superhero.

    Iron Man

    Iron Man is a clear classic. He mixes intelligence with technology and wit.

    Superhero costumes for kids should really bring out the best in your little one and there are plenty of boys (and girls!) who can relate to being a smart person who knows what's right and wrong!

    Adorable Iron Man costumes are sure to up the "powers" of any little superhero.


    Hawkgirl costumes are adorable and can even be made at home for the crafty parent that wants to make some incredible wings to make their child's imagination take flight.

    Hawkgirl is an awesome superhero who is actually one of the first female superheroes from the DC Comics.

    She's almost like the female Thor with her signature mace that helps her fight the good fight around the world!

    Captain America

    No superhero costumes for kids list would be complete without Captain America.

    This proud hero fights for his country and delights children around the world with his humor and interesting story.

    Though he isn't a native Aussie, Captain America could be the perfect costume for your child to let their "inner soldier" take flight. Especially because Captain America is known to save people all over the world from bad guys like Hydra so that freedom and peace can be kept safe.

    Cat Woman

    Cat Woman is a female superhero known for using her wit to help Bat Man in difficult situations.

    She's insanely popular and a Cat Woman costume is easy to construct and super cute. And if your daughter loves cats, that's a cute plus.

    Since Cat Woman is a strong superhero who doesn't depend on anyone to help her out in tough situations, she's a great role model superhero for young girls these days!


    Does your little one love showing off his strength while battling villains around the house?

    He may love channeling the Hulk to get out some of that energy and that's what makes this a perfect costume!

    The Hulk is a strong and recognizable superhero that's popular with all of the Avengers movies coming out, making a Hulk costume a great choice.


    Thor is one of those iconic superheroes that has great tie-ins with historical legends.

    Though most kids probably think his unbeatable hammer and strength are the coolest parts, Thor could also be a fun learning experience for your family.

    He's been in all of the latest Avengers movies and even had his own movies dedicated to him and his brother, Loki. If you have siblings, a Thor and Loki costume combo could be almost too adorable.

    Super Man and Super Girl

    If you want to get your kid the supreme superhero costume, you're going to have to take a look at Super Man and Super Girl!

    These two superheroes are known for their unrelenting quest for justice and helping people in need. They fight the bad guys and save the world regularly, so what isn't there to love?

    Super Man and Super Girl are two superheroes that kids love to see on screen so a costume is the next step to help them make their dreams come true.


    Wolverine is such a fun and iconic character. He's spunky and a strong superhero who stands apart from the rest of the X-men.

    This superhero costume is sure to be a hit with your child!

    Wolverine is known to be the underdog of all the superheroes, but he always ends up coming out on top and is there to save the day when the time comes. This makes him super relatable to some children as well.


    Who doesn't know and love Batman? Between Superman and Batman, every little boy feels like he can take on the world and fight for what's right.

    Batman is a mysterious figure who watches over the entire city of Gotham. With all of his cool tech and smarts, Batman is able to overpower villains like the Joker while keeping his cool!

    So a Batman costume is a great way to light up the imagination of your child and keep them occupied for months to come.

    Is there another superhero we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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