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Hop to It! Easter Bunny Costumes for the Youngest Bunnies

A family gathering is never complete without a ton of family photos and with new additions to the family, there might be even more cause for celebration. Kids Costume Shop has a lot of options for your Easter gathering, but you cannot beat the traditional Easter bunny costume.

Blue Bunny Infant Costume Blue Bunny Infant Costume

A baby bunny costume is so adorable, it will leave you will be breathless. These baby bunny costumes are available in both pink and blue. But don't get hung up on gender rules here - choose the bunny costume that you like best. Your child will not care that he was a pink bunny when he was an baby.  The blue Easter bunny costume is a fuzzy, furry, adorable explosion of cute.  A blue bow tie sits at the neck and is attached to the costume. A hat, complete with bunny ears will eliminate the need to try to get a pair of ears to stay on his little head.  Your precious bunny-baby will be thrilled with the carrot rattle that comes with this bunny costume.

The pink version of this Easter bunny costume is made of the same super soft material and has all of the same features except for the bow tie.  Instead, the pink bunny has a satin bow that is attached to the neck of the bunny costume.  The pink bunny has the same carrot rattle to keep your baby-bunny interested and alert as well.  Both bunny costumes have attached feet with non-skid bunny pads so that your ambling bunny can toddle in perfect safety.

Pink Bunny Infant Costume Pink Bunny Infant Costume


Most kids costume shops will have several sizes to choose from. Both the blue and pink baby bunny costume comes in either a 6m-12m or a 12m to 18m size.  Make sure that you are choosing the right size so that your bunny is not squeezed into something that is too tight.  In addition, it is important to make sure that your bunny-baby is not getting too hot in his costume.  Since it is fur, the little bunny costume will possibly cause the baby to get too hot while indoors.  Your baby-bunny may nap without a problem in his little bunny costume while others might be too uncomfortable. It is probably best if you take his little bunny ears/hat off for nap time and for travel so that the car seat belts will fit correctly.

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